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Jewelry the treasure of love and tradition

Since a long time ago people all over the world have shown an interest in jewelry. There are many reasons why people wear jewelry. It is not only that jewelry looks beautiful thanks to the shine and the glitters. There … Continue reading

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Love Killer Phrases

To be in loved with a girl and start a relationship is a wonderful thing. Long term relationships are usually based on love, trust and honesty. Even if honesty is very important in a relationship, sometimes may be hurtful. There … Continue reading

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Advantages of Finding Love Online

Over the 40 years that I have been counseling individual and couples, I have very often worked with people who are considering leaving their marriage. Often they say things like:

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Expressing Love With Ecards – Is It Effective?

Can love be effectively expressed with ecards? With many mediums available today, which medium should be our medium of choice in expressing our feelings. We have choice of sending a voice mail, sending an email, a printed card, and ecards. … Continue reading

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What If You Love Your Friend?

You are friends and you enjoy your friendship. You behave with each other as you do with your other friends. One day you find that you have begun having different feelings for your friend. You like him more than a … Continue reading

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Magic of Love

Would you like to receive the magic of love? Are you willing to give it? Try this: For one day, consciously make an effort to be loving or kind to everyone you see, with no expectations of receiving anything in … Continue reading

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Is Your Love Just A Soul Mate Or Thee Twin Flame?

If you have met your twin flame there will no drama – none. If you have met your soul mate, there always will be issues. If you have met someone and either of you are married at the time then … Continue reading

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Who Do You Love To Hate?

In BC we love to hate Telus, in Australia they love to hate Telstra, in New Zealand it’s Telecom, in the States it’s any number of phone companies. A few days ago I emailed Telecom NZ to find out what … Continue reading

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Love songs are everywhere. But does anyone have a definition of love, which — people claim — makes the world go around? Sure, it’s easy to tell when you’re in love with someone. [The heart pounds and you act like … Continue reading

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Finding Love Online

It seems that our lives happen in warp speed. In recent years the dating game has been following the same trend. If you’re still going about the dating game the old fashioned way, I’m going to tell you what the … Continue reading

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