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How To Make Friends For Life — Three Steps Towards Friendship

Friendship and friends continue to remain central to our lives. The relationship that we share with our friends is grounded in a mutual concern as our friends help us in shaping up our personalities as well. Even in this age … Continue reading

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Internet Friendships

The largest online relationship community. It’s more than a dating service – It is your one-stop solution for finding romance, pen pals, new friends, and activity partners. No matter what you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place! The … Continue reading

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Is This Any Way To Win Friends And Influence People?

We’ve all heard the ravings and rantings about how important it is in direct sales, to “relate” – that success must be built on starting and building relationships. Sometimes they call what we do “relationship marketing.” Some say that’s why … Continue reading

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The Need For Friendship And Community

As a life coach for over 20 years, I have noticed that my clients are looking for more than insights or pearls of wisdom; they want a guarantee that they can trust that they will not have to vie for … Continue reading

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Learn Magic Tricks and Impress Your Friends

Few things impress people as much as seeing a well performed Magic Trick – especially when it is done without apparatus or preparation. Mentalism is one of the more impressive types of Magic Trick and the one I’m about to … Continue reading

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Mistakes Friends Make

Are you being a good friend? Do you have friends that you appreciate? Would you like to improve your friendships? Is your loving partner your best friend? As a Marriage, Family Therapist for 27 years, I helped many people resolve … Continue reading

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Why Should You Make Friends With Co-workers?

Cooperation is the key to success in any business and workers who can work together can mean the difference between success or failure. By making friends with co-workers it can ease competition for the affection of the boss and help … Continue reading

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Can Friendship Turn To Romance?

It is important to be really systematic for turning friendship into romance. Friendship and romance are inseparable in many cases, but it is not universally true for all. Many people are enjoying their romantic life that they started with friendship … Continue reading

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What If You Love Your Friend?

You are friends and you enjoy your friendship. You behave with each other as you do with your other friends. One day you find that you have begun having different feelings for your friend. You like him more than a … Continue reading

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