Dating Again – You Can Make it Through Your Breakup Pain

As frightening a prospect as it is to enter the dating scene again, you’ll actually be doing yourself a favor. You might be thinking that you’re not ready or that you’re just not interested because all you want is to have your ex back and that’s all you need. Going on at least a few dates will do wonders.

A breakup is going to make you feel horrible about yourself. You’re likely going to feel undesirable and alone. Often things are said during that last fight that will make you question a lot about yourself and your ability to trust another person again. That is why you need to look at yourself in the mirror again with the help of some positive feedback from someone.

So yes, you’re expected to go and have a rebound relationship. There doesn’t have to be anything serious from seeing someone new. This doesn’t mean you’re giving up your plan to get back with your ex. You’re actually prepping yourself for a better chance at getting your ex back. A rebound for you means having some fun and building up the courage to be on a one on one relationship with someone again.

You shouldn’t get upset if you happen to find out your ex has had or is in a rebound relationship. Remember: there is no threat. People need someone. It’s nice to be a part of a pair where someone’s attention can be given solely to you. You’ll feel so much more confident after getting back in the game and learning you are still attractive to other people. Your self-esteem will rise as you start having more fun and meeting new people. Your horizon will be broadened because you’ll learn more about people and yourself. Not to mention you’re going to appear more attractive to your ex after you’re glowing from some new self-confidence.


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