Making Online Dating Safe

Only you can make online dating safe. Please be responsible for your safety.

You are online meeting “strangers”. Not friends.

Keep your personal information to yourself.
There is no need to tell a stranger:
How much money you make.
Whether you rent or own.
The trust fund that you will have access to next month.
You divorced your husband because you caught him in bed three times, with 3
people. (And please don’t tell them, you took him back twice…because he said
he wouldn’t do it again!)

Giving this information to an online stranger is the same as putting this information on the front page of worldwide newspapers!

Do you have any idea what can be done with this information? If not, online dating is not for you…you are way too naïve!

Remember at all time, you are responsible for making your online dating experience safe.

Please be concerned, if someone insists on wanting the following information:

Where do you work, and what are your hours?
Who do you live with?
Aren’t you afraid being alone at night?
Do you still have a good relationship with your children’s father?
Do you consider your neighbors to be your friends?
How often do you have your children?

When you are dealing with online dating scammers and con artists, the answer to each of these questions gives them a valuable “clue” to who you are. From these clues, they are able to develop “keys”…to be used by them…

Do not set yourself up to be scammed. There is a way to avoid this, if you know how.

Once you know exactly how to deal with an online con artist, they will disappear! That is the first clue that you busted them, and beat them at their own game!

I’m not making these questions up…I have been asked these exact same questions…

Be leery of anyone that constantly pries into personal areas.

About The Author

Vivian Johnson

I have been involved in online dating since it’s inception!

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  1. Hi, interesting post. I have been thinking about this topic,so thanks for sharing. I will definitely be subscribing to your blog.

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  3. David Huter says:

    You make a persuasive argument for your case. Good work! girlfriend

  4. mandeep says:

    hi all u invite

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