Online Dating-Why We Can’t Find Our Soul Mate Online

Some of us singles feel like our life is incomplete without our “soul mate”. So we are on a mission to find this illusive person!

Why we can’t find our soul mate online is that we do not know what characteristics our soul mate will have. We may be ignoring our soul mate everyday!

Our “soul mate” may have a gentle nature and aren’t as persistent as the other Singles that force their way into our worlds.

You will find the persons that are the most persistent and aggressive online are not your soul mate.

So if we are waiting for our soul mate to “steam roll” their way into our lives, we are wasting our time. This will never happen!

Why we can’t find our soul mate online is that when we first go online we are pursued by the stronger personality types. The ones that will email us over and over again without even waiting for a response.

We may not know it at the time but the people that monopolize most of our time online is not our soul mate. So we aren’t available when our soul mate comes along.

For this reason, I tell all singles do not spend your “down time” communicating with Singles you really aren’t interested in.

The “nicer” singles will not pursue you if they perceive you really aren’t interested in them. They will move on,

The reason why we can’t find our soul mate online is that we are usually overlooking them!

Stay away from the time wasters, that will insure you are available when your “soul mate” finds you!

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Vivian Johnson has been involved with online dating since it’s inception! This is her main dating forum, since there is no other place in the world where you can have access to millions of eligible singles!

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2 Responses to Online Dating-Why We Can’t Find Our Soul Mate Online

  1. Flirt says:

    I think you are just not looking in the right place.

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