Online Dating-The Problem With Online Dating

One of the main problems with online dating is the extensive selection that is available. With so many singles we find ourselves getting caught up and involved with so many of them.

We would save a lot of time and emotions by being more selective. That way we are available for the Singles that fit our “must have” list.

Online dating is not like your local bar and grille where you may have a selection of 7-10 eligible singles on a good night!

Online your choices are endless! If you don’t find who you want on one site? You just move onto the next singles site.

Start with your list of “must haves” and begin shopping! Take your time…the Singles aren’t going anywhere!

Another problem with online dating, you can never be sure the photo of the person is really the person you are corresponding with! But I think that is a small risk for the quantity of singles you will have access to.

But look at it from the other direction. The Singles you meet in public could be giving you the wrong name, the wrong age; their current relationship status could be a lie. So, if someone is going to lie, they are a liar. Whether online or off…a liar is a liar!

That is the reason I ask so many questions. If that offends some of the Singles? Too Bad! I have a right to know what I am dealing with from the very beginning. If the Single you are giving the “Third degree” to has been online dating for any length of time, they will understand your skepticism. If not…oh well…Next!!?

About The Author

Vivian Johnson has been involved with online dating since it’s inception! This is her main dating forum, since there is no other place in the world where you can have access to millions of eligible singles!

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