Tips To Be A Great Lover

Gabby Love states that one of the main thing things to remember when appearing on your first date is to refrain from having sex on the first date. A great lover takes the sex to be a very serious and will include it with a relationship and rarely with someone they barely know.

A great lover knows that women take longer to get in the mood then men do. So planning must be utilized to set the mood. A great lover prepares way ahead prior to the art of love making. Invest into making the time spent together special and romantic.

Send flowers and chocolates ahead of time especially to her job,because the more people who see the flowers the merrier. This will show publicly that she has someone who definitely find her to be special. This will definitely put her in the mood by the time you see her later on during the day.

Another thing to remember when dealing with others is to focus on your mate as soon as they walk in the door and not just when they get in the bed. This keeps you from being boring and predictable. Also don’t start the love making late in the night because the most automatic thing to happen is to fall asleep after climax. Hey(Men), take a nap before being with your mate if possible.

Ladies,quit playing the booty game. Don’t play games. Let the men know early on that you are in the mood for sex. That way the time for foreplay will be longer and even more intense. The man doesn’t have to waste time for spending time trying to talk the woman into sex.

The main area of being a great lover is that of showing variety.

1. Variety can come in the area of exploring different sexual positions.

2. Focus on making love during different times of the day instead of the same time of the week and night.

3. Take your time during love making and after play.

The above tips can only enhance your overall love making experience. Gabby Love says to take your time and always focus on improving oneself to be a better lover.

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