Perfect size of women’s lips

The appearance of ones lips is an issue for more than a few women. Simply put, they would like to turn their thin ones into bigger andĀ better lips.

The interaction between humans is a much studied subject. While there are different aspects of the study, one thing that is not disputed is the face tends to be the focal point during conversation. As part of this focus, the individuals speaking evaluate each others face and take cues from it. With cosmetic surgery, one can make modifications to facial features. In this case, of course, we are talking about bigger, better lips.

In study after study, women repeatedly complain about the size of their lips. Many women prefer full lips, but feel theirs are to thin. The thin look is often associated with cues of coldness, hardly an aspect most women wish to convey. With cosmetic surgery, however, there are ways to address this issue.

Today, practically any person can obtain fuller lips through cosmetic surgery. The process can be undertaken in a variety of ways, including temporary and permanent applications. Temporary results can be obtained with collagen and fat injections. Over time, the collagen and fat is absorbed by the body and the lips lose their fullness. For a permanent look, most cosmetic surgeons will recommend implants using synthetic materials such as Gore-Tex and synthetic collagen. There is also a flap procedure that can be formed where skin and fat on the inside of the mouth is pushed up to create fuller looking lips.

Although each procedure is different, none take more than a few hours to complete. Pain is typically moderate and can be controlled through medication. Depending on the exact procedure, bruising and swelling will last from a few days to three weeks. Swelling can be significant.

The cost associated with obtaining fuller lips varies widely by procedure. Collagen injections can run in the $300 to $500 range. Full flap or implant procedures are invasive and more expensive with costs running up to and beyond $5,000. The best way to gauge the prospective costs is to consult with a cosmetic surgeon.

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