Is Your Relationship Collapsing?

I never expected that I would one day hate the person I loved so much. We were very happy. I do not know what happened, but suddenly our relationship collapsed. This is heart breaking. I do not know what to do, or think? I am going numb with stress. You will hear some such talk from people who have a collapsing relationship. Could they not guess that the end was near? Like a building, a relationship does not crash suddenly. It weakens over time. Periodic check up can stop this. Let us quiz on how to find out.

Quiz your past-

Go back to your earlier days of togetherness. Go back to the time of courtship. Quiz the time when you were always looking forward to meet your partner. Relive those emotions and feelings. Quiz- is that same today? If yes, that is very good. If a change has occurred, is it for better or worse? If worse, list out all the changes you are noticing. Small bricks crumble slowly and bring a house down. Therefore try and note the smallest change in every area of relationship. List out all the changes. Now start rebuilding. Try to make one improvement daily , nothing more. Slowly the relationship will change for the better. It may or may not regain the early frenzy, but it will not collapse.

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